The Digital Skills Academy…You’ve heard of it, but what do you know about it?

I had a meeting with management at the Digital Skills Academy last month, where, in that meeting alone, I received a real education myself.

The DSA offer 5 distinct courses; WebInnovateWebElevate, WebActivateTechElevate. These programmes are predominantly aimed at people who have been on the live register.

They are building an Infrastructure which is successfully addressing the IT skills shortage, by training people, in the most sought after skills.

Check out their website for some excellent testimonials from people like Laurence the once Fashion Retailer, now web developer, like Mike the once mortgage vendor, now IT Project Manager, and like Aoife the graduate of an outdated IT course, who was able to rejuvenate her IT skills and is now a mobile app developer.


One of the things I like about the courses provided is the practical application of knowledge they promote. For example; the projects the students work on are with real life companies, solving real world challenges. So, take the company who asks the students to complete a mobile application… This will be a real company and so they will demand a fully functional finished product. Their development manager will not sign off and publish shoddy work. The students will, to varying degrees work with the company (from taking a brief, to an all encompassing internship like scenario). They will work in teams, assigning and getting to grips with the different roles, including project management, coordination, reporting etc. This level of Industry engagement prepares the students well and it also allows them to include real commercial experience on the CV. As anyone within IT will know, yes, there are lots of jobs, but it is still competitive. Getting that start, the first job, can be a real challenge, if you have zero commercial experience.

It really is fantastic what the Digital Skills Academy have achieved in such a short time, with finite resources.




Morgan McKinley are proud to support their expo events (Cork – Monday 25th and Dublin – Thursday 28th). If you are a potential employer in the areas of IT or digital marketing, why not register to attend. Come along and meet these talented graduates, who have real get up and go, people who took it upon themselves to up-skill, to find their passion.