Not so long ago, Morgan McKinley sponsored a UXPA event, in which Dr. Jurek Kirakowski of UTEST, extended a welcome to all attendees to the UTEST community.

UTEST is predominantly a private online community of UX practitioners and researchers.

UTEST exists to promote new approaches to user experience (UX) practices, increase general knowledge of UX-related disciplines, and facilitate healthy and productive discussions among community members while protecting their privacy and their rights to their own intellectual property….

UTEST is not a “list,” “alias,” “archive,” “database,” or other public resource. It is a private community of professionals working together to create new knowledge and better practices.

The Journal of Usability Studies just published an article  about the now 20 year old Community, which explores the What, Why, When, Where and How’s of UTEST.

Why don’t you request access to the community today?

“UTEST is better than Google! When I have a question about methodologies, I get answers that are backed by years of experience, often times from those who are pioneers in our field” —Rebecca Destello


“As a one-person Usability team, it’s invaluable to be able to confer with colleagues on stuff that no one else around here understands” —Mary Mascari


“My years involved in UTEST have been a virtual Master Class in all areas touching User Experience. I owe much of my career progress to this fantastic community” —Tomas Sola


“UTEST…was my connection [to usability], my link to mentors and education, and even occasionally my cheering section as I broke into the field. I owe the UTEST community a world of thanks for helping me start and grow my career” — Mitch Berg


“The safety of UTEST for its members seems to me to arise from the fact that it is closed…and private…so we may feel relatively free to speak frankly and to float ideas that are less than fully developed and not (yet) rigorously supported by evidence” —Douglas W. Anderson