Morgan McKinley recently celebrated its 25th year in Business. What better way to celebrate, then by conjuring the nostalgic effect of the #1 IT icon of the 80’s; Mario!

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Web Summit

Web Summit

Come on over to the Morgan McKinley stand, where we will have a Super Mario competition, with all kinds of retro IT prizes.

mario #mmk

Watch out for Mario and Luigi, or any of our Consultants, and try and get a snap of the QR tags on their backs.

Our friends over at HeyStaks have kindly released a handy, downloadable guide. Click _Guide-to-the-Dublin-Web-Summit-2013-HeyStaks (1) to access. This contains a full printable schedule, updates and tips on where to go and who to see at the Night Summit, and a floor plan of the conference venue so you can’t get lost.

Here is the full schedule and the night schedule can be found here.

On both days, the stages open at 8.15am, and they close at 5pm (Wednesday) and 6:30 (Thursday). Having attended the Summit last year, my top advice is to pick out which talks you want to attend and get there early! Despite the fact that the stages are very large, for some of the talks, e.g. the NASDAQ opening bell or Elon Musk, there simply won’t be enough seats.

You should take the time this evening to set up your own profile.


Just log in using you email address and your ticket reference. It syncs up with nicely with Linkedin and Twitter and it allows you to search (and connect with) other attendees. It can also be used as a substitute for exchanging business cards.

I’ll be hanging out with Mario and Luigi tomorrow and Thursday, come say hi!