Have you heard about UXTraining.ie?

I met with Colman Walsh a few months back and we discussed his vision for UXTraining.ie. We also discussed how I, and Morgan McKinley, can help support it.

We began by sending out emails to targeted groups on our database and put out some blogs about it.

UXtraining.ie 1



UXtraining.ie 2


We would also mention it to individuals whom we would speak with. The feedback was excellent, there was a feeling amongst many that; it’s about time, about time Ireland has our own dedicated User Experience training resource. Some companies we had spoken with had previously paid for costly trips to the UK, so that their teams could receive comparable training.

Colman is a true UX evangelist, having plied his trade across the world with companies like; IQ Content, Sapient and Distilled Media. He understands UX, is passionate about it and wants to spread the word.

If interested in hearing more, why not check out the website; http://www.UXTraining.ie