Javascript. If you have strong Javascript skills, you are in a strong position right now. I speak with companies every day, from cutting edge start ups, to Multinational companies and let me tell you, they are all crying out for Front End Engineers.

Most in the IT world will know this. But do they know why?

Most software developers, be it; java, .net etc etc, will have some experience with Javascript and possibly library experience; eg JQuery. However, what is most in demand now, is out and out Web Developers, UI Developers or Front End developers.

The surge for Javacsript developers comes because of the innovation within it (with new frameworks coming along all the time etc) but more than that, it is because it is aligned with the proliferation of the web. This is a programming or “scripting” language that fully supports web development. It is really responsive and interactive in creating HTML files, which, of course, are the building blocks of the modern web.

What are the main features, which make it so popular?

  • All the browsers support it
  • It supports functional programming language
  • Can be used as client, as well as server side
  • Support objects and inheritance

Lately, there has been an increased respect and recognition for that rare breed of hybrid UI/UX design/developers. These will be strong advocates for Javascript. Not only is it easy for the browsers to use, it is also beneficial to the end user. So, what are the main benefits?

  • Its quick and responsive – it’s very efficient and because it communicates well with the server, it then means it works quicker for the end user
  • Universal Front End platform
  • Multiple devices – Tablets, e-readers and smart phones (etc, etc) have javascript language. It is particularly beneficial for those devices that have Apps; App stores love javascript.

If you are interested in learning more about Javascript, why not do what I am doing, take some lessons, or at least, do some reading up. See:     for details, of an excellent online resource.