Following on from my last post… Javascript, out and out Javascript developers are very sought after right now.


I speak with developers and companies who hire in this area, every day and I’m always keen to understand the technologies with which I deal in.


I’ve been reading up…


So, when I was in college, I learned basic Jquery. I was designing websites, mostly for fun, during college. Then I started working full time.


When I started in recruitment, where a company was hiring a Javascript developer, they may have been looking for some library experience also, i.e. Jquery. But now, companies are looking for the latest and greatest when it comes to Frameworks.


Ever since the release of Jquery, in 2006, in terms of client side javascript, a lot of developers are shifting the main functionality of the applications, to the client side, and are then using the server side, mainly to send/receive data. Why? Well, by pushing this on to the client side, it means they can facilitate more powerful and responsive applications. As well, with the proliferation of native apps, and the need for responsive User Interfaces, optimising Javascript correctly is very important. Where developers to continue using just, eg, Jquery, it would be difficult to create web apps, with the feel of a native app.


The whole Native V’s Hybrid debate is one which I intent to tackle in a blog coming soon. This is an ongoing one and there are many factors to consider. And although there has been a shift by some high profile companies (e.g. Linkedin, PaddyPower are two high profile companies who have recently moved back to native), a huge amount of companies are benefitting from MVC frameworks in utilising their hybrid approach. I will discuss this in a later post, as I am still studying up on it myself.


A lot of the developers I work with, are at the stage where they are experimenting with Various frameworks, trying to decide which they should go with for their upcoming projects. And when it comes to choosing an MVC framework, they are spoilt with choice.


My next post, I hope, will help developers who find themselves in this exact situation…