“MoCloud” is on tomorrow. What’s MoCloud? Its an event, a series of talks on topics re: “Mobile Apps and the Cloud – The Perfect Combination”

Somewhat frustratingly, the event is on during the day, during work hours, so I won’t be attending. It does look though, like you can drop in to a specific talk which may be of interest, and leave thereafter.

If then, you are based around NCI, and are interested in Mobile Apps, why not check it out?

The talks are as follows:

1400-1430 User Experience in Successful Custom Mobile applications powered by big data      ManuelSaez DirectorMobilityInnovationCenter and Sean Long User Experience Architect at SAP’s MobilityInnovationCenter

1430-1450  Threats to the Enterprise from Social Media usage – Paul Malone Project Manager with TSSG in Waterford Institute of Technology

1450-1510  Social and Mobile app development in the cloud – Peter Elger CTO Betapond

1600-1620  Why you should build Mobile Web Sites instead of Apps – Richard Rodger Richard Rodger COO of Nearform

1620-1640  Around Security of Mobile Cloud – Pat Larkin

1640-1730 Roundtable Moderated by Paul Hearns Editor of Computerscope

See full details here: http://www.cloud-arena.com/mocloud.html