One of my blogroll favourites, is Paul Olyslager’s;


One of his latest posts discusses what he feels are the most common misconceptions about users, and how this can contribute to poor interface design, and ultimately, “bad UX”.


He discusses also, how it is really hard to look at your own product, website, interface, etc; objectively. He also underlines that, typically, you will not fit the profile of a “typical user”.


In his post, he highlights 9 misconceptions, and offers creative advice around approaching each of them.


There are, in fact, lots of ways to approach these issues. Its about understanding the users, knowing what they want and reacting accordingly. All in the pursuit, of good UX.


So, what are the misconceptions?


1.) Your users like having options, but hate make decisions

2.) People don’t read all your content

3.) Your website users don’t come through your front door

4.) You are not your users

5.) Your users look to the actions of others to guide them

6.) Your users are creatures of habit…

7.) Your website visitors are impatient

8.) Users will click more than 3 times…

9.) People hate scrolling but do it anyway


For more, check out Paul’s blog.