Have you checked out Idea Magazine yet?

The latest magazine, or “e-zine”, features a great article providing advice on User Experience and Design. In it, the Director of UX for Dublin Based; Graphic Mint; Mr. Seamus Byrne, answers some common questions, such as;

1) What is the difference between user-centered design, usability, and user experience?

2) Selling user experience can be tough when the client is confident that their approach is correct. Do you have any ideas to help to “gently encourage” a client to spend some time focusing on user experience?

3) My client doesn’t have a budget for usability testing, but I think it’s quite critical for their project. What are some ways to do user testing on the cheap?

4) I didn’t study user experience in school, but now I think that is the area I’d like to specialize in. Where should I start? Should I find an internship, read certain books, take a course, other ideas?

5) I’m hearing a lot about “mobile first” design. Should we really be starting from there now?

6) Are personas really that helpful? What kind of data should I incorporate into my personas to make them more useful?

7) If you’re a UX designer, do you have a “typical day”? What kinds of things would you typically spend your day doing?

Click http://readidea.com/magazines/issue6/ask-the-expert.html for the full interview, and why not download a couple of issues while you’re at it? You can download as ePub, in Kindle format, read it in your browser or listen in on some Podcasts.