This is a little boastful, but also pretty cool!

I have received an email from LinkedIn, notifying me that my profile is among the top 1% most viewed profiles of 2012.

With 200 million LinkedIn members, that means I could be the most viewed, or in the top 2 million, they didn’t say 🙂 Coming 2 millionth doesn’t sound like quite the same achievement though!



LinkedIn probably designed this initiative for 2 reasons; 1.) to thank and encourage its elite members and 2.) to tap into the inherent narcissism of social / professional media communication.

Scepticism aside though, Linkedin is a powerful tool.

One person who knows this is my colleague Darren, who is a super user of LinkedIn, and regularly gives training sessions on how to optimise usage. He was also approached by Linkedin, and awarded the top 1% status.

He wrote a blog about; “How to get yourself into the Top 1% most viewed profiles on Linkedin”. You can read the blog here.

And Linkin with me here 🙂