A major challenge for Ireland going forward, is to increase the supply of software, web and mobile developers into Industry. Especially if we want to continue our success with FDI investment of large IT companies setting up shop here.

Industry regularly call for more lax agreements for IT professionals when it comes to work Visas. This tells us that we simply are not producing enough skilled workers in this area, to match the significant demand.

The challenge has been well documented and the Government is taking action. Various initiatives such as JobBridges, Springboard and Skillnets, as well as various training courses (e.g. FAS) may help in the future.

Coderdojo is an excellent initiative which aims to bring kids into development at an early age.

I believe that soon Irish Schools will offer courses in coding, and make up part of primary and secondary school curriculum. If this doesn’t happen soon though, it may be too late to respond to Industry needs.

I came across the following tool and found it to be excellent. If you are interested in experimenting with coding, dipping the toe in and seeing how you like it, then read on…

Check out http://codeyear.com/












This takes less then a minute to sign up and you can get straight into the learning.

The courses are brilliant and explain the concepts in plain English.

Another cool feature is that, you can chart your progress across your social media sites, giving it a “game” feel. It doesn’t feel like learning, because learning is supposed to be boring. Isn’t it?