I have worked with numerous companies, assisting them with various Internet Marketing strategies. I have consulted and implemented; Search Engine Advertising and Search Engine Optimization campaigns, as well as Social Media and Online PR strategies.

Although less active in this space now (due to work commitments) I wanted to put out a blog highlighting the benefits of Search Engine Advertising, particularly for Irish SME IT companies.

In my job, as IT Recruitment Consultant, I work with IT companies of all shapes and sizes.

I find that, particularly with start ups and SMEs, there is a strong consciousness of search engine optimization. That is to say that, companies are aware of the importance of appearing on the first page of Google, and are taking measure to rank more effectively. However, a lot of these companies are not investing in Adwords strategy.

The “B2B” IT industry are among the highest users of Google Adwords. As such, for any company in this space not using Adwords, they may be losing out to competitors whom are.

A lot of companies website are becoming central to their customers purchase process. I look at some of the clients I am working with, a lot of start ups, eg: in the Cloud Computing space, can offer free trials of a SaaS from their website. Therefore, driving traffic to the website is often important. With better quality, and volume of traffic to the website, this will compliment the free downloadable trial initiatives, and could ultimately build sales and market share.

Whatever the company’s strategic objectives are for their website, a well conducted Adwords strategy may help.

Using Adwords is tried and tested. For any IT company in Ireland who have not at least considered using Adwords, then they should review their options.

Companies can accurately measure and track the quality of their advertisement spend. The advantage for IT Companies lies is gaining extensive reach, whilst the marketing spend is focused and measurable.

Adwords are cost effective, particularly as you can only pay for those which are actually clicked on  (Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising  is a non-interruptive form of advertising that activates only when a search for particular keywords is made.)

As such, why not at least try it, tip your toe in and see where it takes you.

This blog may be useful for those IT companies who are interested to learn more about Adwords.

I have included below a report which I completed for a Dublin based IT company in 2011. This covers a pre campaign and post campaign report. Note, I have censored the company details, and renamed them as the fictional; DBIT Company.

Click Adwords Report for Dublin based IT Company to read.