I got a job! I can now officially say that I am; IT Talent Researcher at Morgan McKinley, or as I am known around the office as; “DB” OR “The New Guy”.

Why Recruitment?

Well I always knew I would work in Sales. But, it wasn’t until recently that I realised just how much sales is involved in Recruitment. Once I realised this I went through several phases…

Noting the sales aspect, I began to consider it, after several interviews with competing agencies I had become dead set on working in it, and finally I chose Morgan McKinley as my new home J

The gentleman that is Mr. Ian Kingston of Stelfox IT Recruitment explained to me what the appealed to ghim about the Recruitment Industry. He said; “We Change Lives”. Yes this may appear, at first, like a cheesy, generic, corporate mission statement, it was the conviction with which he spoke which made me reflect on his words. I soon realised that, when a Recruiter puts an offer to a candidate, that may well be one of the most important calls the candidate will ever receive. Selling products has always been something I’ve enjoyed, but the Recruitment process is all about people. I like making a difference, I like helping people.

The master salesman and all round good guy; David Johnston of Computer Futures explained to me that, the IT Recruitment Industry is fast paced. He discussed how, one minute a Consultant may be making a deal and putting his fist in the air, the next he could be frustrated and angry. What appealed to me here was that there is no opportunity to become comfortable in this line of work. Working as a Consultant, it would be up to me how many deals I make, how much commission I make, how well regarded I am. It sounded like a…I am hesitant to use the word; game, because this is serious business and dealing with peoples lives, but certainly, the thrills and spills attracted me. And who said work shouldn’t be fun.

I look around my immediate group of friends and I see them applying for so called “good” jobs. I ask them, are you happy with the job. They answer, its a good job. Simply having a “good” job is not enough for me, I’ve seen it in my time in Allianz, I need something more fulfilling to satisfy some of my ambition, my energy. Sales and Recruitment would allow me to have direct influence over my career progression and salary. This might terrify others, for me, it excites me.

This point was further emphasised by my now co-workers at Morgan McKinley assertions. In interview, I said that should I be working for Morgan McKinley, I would still every much view myself as self employed. I expressed that although my desk would be in their offices, and that I would be supported by their excellent reputation and infrastructure, I will be working for myself. That is to say that, when I make a phone call, the person on the other end of the phone would be dealing with Dara, the number one .NET recruiter, who happened to be working for Morgan McKinley. I believe people want to deal with people, with Recruiters, not Recruitment Agencies.

Another big attraction for me, was that I am very results driven. I’m motivated, for instance by money. I want to be the best, I want to be sitting on the top of the scoreboard. When I make a phone call I want to have the credentials to back me up, I want to say; “you have to listen to me because I know everyone who’s anyone in the.Net vertical and I am the no.1 top biller in this company.

The final reason for the move into Recruitment is that I honestly believe I will be a tremendous success. I would and do describe myself as ambitious, innovative, likeable, ethical yet tenaciously resilient. I’m ambitious and will put my energy into becoming the best. I’m innovative, will think outside of the box to develop new business. I’m likeable (I think :)), a trait important in building trust. I have a high level of empathy and a solid ethical/moral grounding. I’m resilient, and committed to finding the right fit for client and candidate. I feel at home in Recruitment.

Why IT Recruitment?

I have a genuine passion for all things high tech. I eat, sleep and breathe digital. I would describe myself as a technophile and somewhat of a thinly-disguised nerd, a closet geek. My Degree and Masters alike have helped expand my horizons and have opened up a variety of technologies and Industries to me.

My current internet home page is Techcrunch and I am an earlier adopter of the most bizarre gadgets. I also have experience in building technology, and have developed programmes in Java. My internet reading currently ranges across such topics as; Cloud computing, football, mobile commerce, NFC, Mixed Martial Arts and Greentech. In short, IT is what I know, what I love.

On top of this, IT has the added benefit of being one of the few areas where there is job creation in this country.

Why Morgan McKinley?

I was lucky enough to have received several employment offers from IT Recruitment agencies and sales divisions in some prominent IT companies. Ultimately, I chose Morgan McKinley, and I am delighted I did.

Firstly, I liked their style! Everyone I met greeted me with a genuine, welcoming smile, and I could instantly imagine myself working alongside them as part of the team, the family. The people in Morgan McKinley are incredibly talented yet perhaps more importantly, tremendously warm and friendly.

Secondly, they offered support. Although I am ambitious and raring to go, I am self aware enough to realise that, if I’m to succeed in the long run, I will need support. With diligent work and patience, I will excel. Morgan McKinley offer an excellent training programme which will allow me to learn this Industry from the ground up. And if I’m going to learn, why not learn from the best, which brings me to my final point…

Morgan McKinley IT Recruitment, are the premier IT Recruitment agency.

If you are a company interested in hiring .NET specialist, or an individual open to exciting opportunities feel free to contact Dara @ dboland@premiergp.com or +353 (0) 1 4321 555