So, the “science bus” tour is finished, our temporary home parked up and given a well deserved rest. Indeed, I think the ambassadors needed a rest also, but hey, you know what, I’ve missed you guys…there I said it!

We have a long way until 2012 yet, so I am going to continue the running of the website, and social networks. I will be reporting to you on any engaging stories I stumble upon, within the disciplines of; Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

What have I got lined up, you may be wondering? Well, the day after we arrived back from the trip, I jetted off to New York. Once Stateside, I threw on the old purple t-shirt and went exploring. Well, I discovered a vast array of interesting sights…

Look forward to blogs about; the New York Hall of Science, the New Jersey Liberty Science Centre, the Museum of Sex and the Bodies Exhibition!

Stay Tuned!

Bye Bye Bus, Hello Plane
Bye Bye Bus, Hello Plane