What a piece of work is a man

William Shakespeare, Hamlet

The average pack of cigarettes takes 3 hours 45 minutes from a life.Bodies, the Exhibition

The body’s smallest muscles are found in the ears.

Girls brains account for 2.5% of body weight, boys;2%

People are born with an innate preference for either sweet or salty food

The tongue is made of 16 individual muscles.

The coccyx at the base of our spine is all that remains of our ancestor’s tails.

Childrens bones brow faster in Springtime.

Babies have 300 bones, adults have 206.

The Study of human anatomy has always operated on a basic principle: to see is to know. This principle led the Egypt, Greek, Roman and Islamic cultures to a more complete understanding of the human form. Public dissections during the Renaissance furthered this understanding, laying a foundation for our modern medical institutions. It is following this same principle (to see is to know) that “Bodies, the Exhibition” uses dissected human species to provide a visual textbook of the body.

We live in a world surrounded by business and technology; fast paced living with little time for reflection. When an illness is severe and our mortality is called into question, we may take the time to stop and ponder our existence. But once cured, we are off again, generally not thinking of the extraordinary, complicated human beings that we are.

Our bodies are indeed more intricately complex and wonderful then the computers and gadgets surrounding us. Yet many of us do not really know what lies beneath our skin, how our bodies function, what they need to survive, what destroys and what revives.

The Exbo is an attempt, I feel, to remedy this unfortunate set of circumstances. It offers a phenomenal view of the body, showcasing 20 real human specimens and 200 organs. It enlightens, empowers and fascinates. It inspires a sense of awe, wonder and excitement that really makes learning fun. I found it not only awe inspiring but also highly educational. Beyond this, it actually managed to change the way I view myself.

Sitting on the subway back to my hotel, I was awash with a fresh appreciation for life. I accept that, to all you “Bodies Exbo” virgins out there, that may sound a little far fetched, but trust me, it’s an awesome show.

Bodies, the Exhibition
Bodies, the Exhibition