Liverpool is traditionally renowned for a few reasons.

Take sport, the city is home of the mighty Reds; Liverpool and the modest Blues; Everton.

Also, the vibrant Liverpool is famous for culture, a true hotspot and former “European City of Culture”

Oh, and they have even managed to churn out the best band in history; the Beatles.

But its not all singing and dancing …

It was approaching 11 o’clock as we sat aboard the bus, wondering, just what to expect of our next interviewee. In walks Chris Musson, CEO of the “Liverpool Science Park.”

We learned of Liverpool’s “Knowledge Quarter,” which is an emerging hub for innovation, notably for bio and health science. The economic impact is considerable and it supports approximately 14,000 high value jobs.  It is at the heart of this district that the Science Park lies.

The park plays home to a diverse range of companies, including pharmaceutical, genetics, software development and ICT companies. They have also built extensive core competences in the field of Life Sciences.

At home, in Ireland, we are hoping that our own “Knowledge Economy” will pave the way for an economic resurgence. Similarly, Musson has an optimistic outlook on the future. The key, he feels, lies in combining research excellence with business creation.

One thing that struck us about Chris was his immense drive and energy. This passion and his indelible personality will likely play an integral part in fulfilling his strategy; to develop the park as a world-class centre for science and knowledge enterprise.